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 An award winning
Civil Engineering Infrastructure & Construction Company.

Delivering Capital & Major Projects for NSW Local Government.

People with access to public open space are healthier and happier than those without. For many people living without access to a backyard, the open spaces in our communities are vital to maintain physical and mental health.

Our mission is to provide top quality facilities & spaces for the community to enjoy.




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Foreshore & Beach Protection. 


Civic Building Construction & Accessibility Upgrades.


Open Spaces, Playgrounds, Parks, Trails & Boardwalks.


Cemetery, Heritage & Environmentally Sensitive Works. 

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Coastal Protection & Seawalls.  

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Depot Construction.


Playgrounds, Skate Parks, Bike Tracks, Waterplay.

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Roadworks, Cycleways, Footpaths, Streetscape.

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Electrical Infrastructure, Lighting & Solar.

Our Services Cover:

​​- Asset Infrastructure Protection, Seawalls, Retaining Walls, Culverts, Rock Armor, Waverley Cemetery Coastal Walk Project.

- Bord Walks, Coastal Walks, Trails, Cycleways, Footpaths, Footbridges, Bridge Remediation.

- Cemetery Upgrades, Columbarium’s, Memorialisation Walls, Castlehill Cemetery Upgrade.    

- Contemplation & Memorial Shelters, Public Domain & Street Scape Works, Traffic Calming.  

- Camden Council Depot: Admin Buildings, Weighbridge, Community Recycling Centre, works completed in a live depot.  

- Camden Council Depot: Poly Tunnels, Work Shop & Fit out, Truck & Carparks, Relocating & upgrading of existing buildings.  

- Reserves, Parks, Playgrounds, Outdoor Gyms, Open Spaces, Waverley Park & Playground Construction.

- Surf Life Saving Clubs: North Bondi SLSC, Warriewood SLSC, Bondi Beach Life Guard Tower & First Aid Facilities.

- Skate Parks, Pump Bike Tracks, Water Play Parks​​​


- Civic Buildings, Amenity Buildings,


- Café’s, Canteens, Change Rooms, Sports Fields Facilities.

- Design & Construct, Structural & Civil Engineering, Architectural, Design Reviews, Heritage

- Compliance & Accessibility Upgrades.


Welcome to Hibernian Contracting. 

Hibernian is an award-winning Civil Infrastructure Construction & Building Company, delivering Capital and Major Projects for NSW Local Governments.

Open space is the foundation of liveable communities. Public open space is infrastructure that is essential for communities and creating great places to live. It encompasses parks, natural areas and linkages, waterways and foreshores, informal parklands, sports grounds and courts, playspaces, historical sites, and recreation trails for walking and cycling. It is found in every part of NSW — from remote regional towns to new greenfield suburbs, and long-established urban centres. Well-connected open space plays a crucial ecological, economic, social and cultural role in our lives. 

Our passion is to provide facilities and open spaces for the the community to enjoy. 

Martin & Damien have a wealth of experience in Capital,  Major & Community Construction Projects. Focused on site construction & in pre-construction planning, our agility & speed in providing solutions for complex construction issues ensures all projects keep moving forward.  

Our skilled inhouse team undertake the vast majority of projects in-house, reducing delays and completing high quality works.  

Hibernian focus on repeat work, by delivering high quality projects safely, timely and within budget for our clients.

ISO accredited in WHS, Quality & Environmental. 

Backed by a modern fleet of trucks, excavators, equipment, specialist tradesman, local suppliers and subcontractors -   


"no job is too big or small only thinking makes it so". 





Projects Completed


Contractors Appointed


Awards Won



Featured Projects 

Photo_Oct_02_19 11-26-08 a.m._2.jpg

Rowland Park Amenities

Client: Local Government

Completed: 01/07/2019

Brief: Construction of New Amenities Building, Concrete Columns, Concrete Roof, Roof Garden, Canteen, Plant Room, Dressing Rooms.

Sevenways 2.jpg

Sevenways Streetscape Works

Client: Local Government

Completed: 01/04/2020

Brief: Services Identification, Demo, Softscape, Hardscape, Lighting Upgrade, Specialist Precast Seating Built In-house, Tropical Trees and Tree Pits, Paving, Tiling, Utilities relocation, Bus Lane, Pedestrian Crossing, Irrigation, Landscaping. 

Photo 25-07-2020, 10 36 36.jpg

Bondi Stormwater Works

Client: Local Government

Completed: 01/07/2019

Brief: Culvert & Stormwater Works. Coffer Dam Construction, Culvert Diversion, Demolition, Heritage Works, Construction of a 120m Insitu Curved Concrete Seawall and Culvert, Precast, Lighting, Accessibility Upgrade, Swimming Pool Upgrade, Stainless Steel Handrailing & Balustrading, Coastal Protection & Lighting, Piling, Retaining

Wall Works. 

Check Out Our Work

Bondi to Coogee Walk - Remediation Works by Hibernian Contracting.mp4
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Bondi to Coogee Walk - Remediation Works by Hibernian Contracting.mp4
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Bondi to Coogee Walk - Remediation Works by Hibernian Contracting.mp4

Rowland Park Amenities and Canteen by Hibernian Contracting
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Rowland Park Amenities and Canteen by Hibernian Contracting

Cahill Park Café and Amenity Building by Hibernian Contracting
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Cahill Park Café and Amenity Building by Hibernian Contracting

Bondi to Coogee Walk - Remediation Works by Hibernian Contracting
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Bondi to Coogee Walk - Remediation Works by Hibernian Contracting



Contact Us:

Head Office

84-88 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne, 2047,  NSW, Australia 

Contact: Martin Breen

Mobile: + 415 624 988:


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