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Hibernian Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner at all times.


We achieve this status by our commitment to implement and maintain an Integrated Management System, which is certified to the international standard:


           - AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management

​- NSW Government Guidelines for Environmental Management


Within this management system we maintain an Environmental Management Programme that identifies any environmental impacts that may occur from our business activities.  These impacts are then eliminated or controlled to the lowest possible level of risk to ensure compliance with the PNG Environment Act and Regulations.


Our prime objective is to ensure that our workplaces are free of any environmental incidents that impact the environmental receptors of air, water, soil, natural resources and people.  We continually improve our environmental performance and at all times prevent pollution.  We ensure that our Environmental Management Programme is based on continuous improvements and the prevention of pollution.


Our Employees are trained to know what work activities can affect the environment and ensure that they work in the most controlled manner at all times.


Each month Hibernian Contracting Pty Ltd. reviews our environmental performance.


Environmental Policy

Hibernian Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to maintaining its quality of products and services by implementing a Quality Management System which is certified to


- AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management.

- NSW Government Guidelines for Quality Management


Our key objective in this area is to reduce our non-conformances in a timely manner by way of corrective action.  We treat a Customer Complaint as a non-conformance and ensure it is investigated and a response goes to the Customer within 7 days of the report.


Through our processes of Internal Audit and Management Review we ensure that all opportunities to improve the system are captured and actioned.  We have a process for and a focus on continuous improvement to achieve our objective.


Hibernian Contracting Pty Ltd is known throughout the Industry as a Quality Provider of Construction Services.

Quality Policy


WHS Policy

Hibernian Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to the operation of a Safe Workplace.


We achieve this status by our commitment to implementing and maintaining Certification to


- OHSAS 18001:2007 for WHS Management.

- NSW Government Guidelines for WHS Management


Our prime objective is to provide workplaces that are free from workplace hazards that cause injuries and illnesses as specified in the WHS Act and Regulations - 2011.


We achieve this status by our commitment to:


  • Risk Management including Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

  • Hazard Reporting

  • Incident/Accident Reporting

  • Injury Reporting


In all cases a report will be investigated and, where appropriate, corrective action will be undertaken to eliminate or control the non-conformance to an acceptable level of risk.


Through the process of Internal Audits and Management Review Hibernian Contracting Pty. Ltd. ensures that our system remains compliant to the Standard and the requirements of the Legislation.

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