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Civil Projects

Bondi to Coogee Walk. Landslip remediation works, reinstatement of walk and landscaping
Client: Local Council

Scope: Following the wild storms of June 2016, the coastline bore the brunt of the raging weather & there was a landslip at the historic Waverley Cemetery where a significant portion of its walk crumbled away into the sea. This project undertook the complex remediation works to restore the path, and to safeguard the embankment from future storms. A new lookout has also been built as part of the project. 

Project constraints included: tight access, working in a graveyard, storm-water control, stabilising cemetery walls, excavation, complex build of the sea-wall & backfilling of material.

Waverley Council mayor John Wakefield described the construction works as a “marvel of engineering

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Decommissioning of over 200 oil tanks 

Client: Local Government



Decommissioned and removed over 200 oil tanks and associated gauge pits/vaults in the Sydney Metro Network area. This project was classified as a “Sensitive Project” due to the potential environmental hazards to the

community. The general scope of work for this Contract included excavation, removal and disposal of oil tanks with the lowest community and environmental impact.

The work under this Contract included:


  • Implementation of traffic control

  • Saw cut

  • Mechanical excavation of roadway surface materials

  • Vacuum excavation of sand around tanks to depths of up to 3.5m

  • Disconnection of oil lines from tank, lifting out of buried oil tanks including encapsulating concrete tubes weighing up to 3 tonnes each

  • Removal of gauge pit/vault lids (including surround) and backfill of pits/vaults once cables have been purged (purging of cables was completed by Ausgrid)

  • Transport and disposal of tanks and pit lids in accordance to safety and environmental controls and legislation (tanks contained residual oil)

  • Placement of backfill material

  • Civil construction.

  • Geotechnical testing of backfill material

Road Works & Civil Works - Willoughby Section

Client: Local Council

Scope: Excavations of concrete road slabs & disposal, road closures & traffic control, supply & installation of mesh and concrete. 

Holsworthy Army Barrack – Units Relocation

Client: Local Council

Scope: Form / Reo / Pour / Detailed Excavation for Sewer Pits, Kerb & Gutter, Dish Drains, Footpaths, Scour Pads, Culverts, Tanks.

Inner West Light Rail Upgrade


Client: Local Council

Scope: Form / Reo / Pour / Detailed Excavation for Footings, relocating CCTV poles, removal & installation of street furniture, electrical works, tiling, paving, landscaping, electrical trenching.

Greensquare – City of Sydney Works

Client: Local Council


Scope: Form / Reo / Pour / Detailed Excavation for Footings, walls, stairs, bluestone kerbing and associated works, pits, retaining walls, supply & installation of street furniture.

Griffith & Yanco High Voltage Live Transgrid Substations


Client: Local Council

Scope: Form / Reo / Pour / Detailed Excavation for Footings, cable trenches, transformer compounds and associated drainage, oil tanks.

Bondi Beach -  Stormwater Works

Client: Local Council


Hibernian were engaged as the Principal Contractor for these works and were responsible for engaging all necessary subcontractors and consultants to meet the scope of works involved.

Background Information
The North Bondi Stormwater Culvert, located in North Bondi Beach, runs underneath the length of the promenade, acting as the discharge point for the stormwater system. Noting that there were major visible cracks along the wall and surface of the promenade, it prompted Council to investigate further.
The structural integrity was deemed to be nearing the end of its design life. As such, vehicular movement had been prohibited along the promenade, which caused multiple operational issues.

Council decided to include an the upgrade of the accessible ramp, new pool pump to service to Children’s Pool and incorporate a section of Council’s Lighting and Electrical Masterplan into this project also.

Scope of works involved:

  • Shoring of Biddigal Reserve

  • Coffer dam construction and dewatering

  • Demolition of existing culvert & promenade

  • Construction of an accessible ramp to the kids pool and beach

  • New Pump House

  • Removal of old Ausgrid street lights and poles, installation of new Smart Light poles.

  • Dilapidation report of private properties

  • Electrical upgrade works, including but not limited to, upgrade of existing electrical main switchboard, new pool pump that services the Children’s Pool, handrail and balustrade lighting.

  • Coordination with different parties and authorities for the works, including but not limited to, service authorities, such as Sydney Water, department of heritage and Council

  • Supply, salvage and install of all relevant hardscape and softscape, including but not limited to, benches, beach showers, handrails, pole top lighting.

  • Heritage Works: Careful removal, labelling and storage of old ceramic art-work.

  • Art Work

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Bondi Coastal Protection
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